Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Smartdoo Waterproof Dry Bag w/ Shoulder Strap 10L & Bonus Free Waterproof Phone Case w/ Armstrap



The Smartdoo dry bag and the bonus waterproof phone case you get with it when you purchase the first are both very lightweight and seemingly durable! I didn't try and destroy either but the material they are made from and the quality of both items seems they would hold up well and serve finely over the years. The stitching is sound and the nylon straps that come for both items are light and tightly made so unless you cut them or set them on fire, I don't see these breaking down any time soon. 


Both were very easy to use. The dry bag itself...while it was easy to twist and then buckle, I feel twisting five times is excessive and unnecessary (It's what the company suggests for sealing the bag). I twisted mine three and then four times. The strap to the phone case works well as does the lightweight shoulder strap for the actual dry bag.


No and yes. The phone case definitely does keep dry. Twist the two "locks" at the top and go! For the dry bag, it KIND OF keeps dry. 98% I would say. 

I brought both bags and let the shower run on them (I did not fully submerge them) and kept the paper phone display in the phone case and a roll of toilet paper in the 10L bag. The paper  in the phone case stayed completely dry. The paper in the 10L dry bag did get some water on it but I think it was what collected around the opening. I even tried the bag off as much as possible and there was quite a few water drops that made it's way through to the inside of the bag, whether through opening it or if it was in there while it was being showered on, I don't know. Because of this, though, I gave it a rating of four. I would trust my clothes and towel and other fabrics withing the bag and for me it was OK if a few water droplets got on them but I would not store my phone or any other electronics or water sensitive items within the bag because enough water DOES reach the items inside. 

I will be using these items for camping and they will both serve me very well for what I need them for.

The price is awesome too! $16.99 is a fantastic price for just the dry bag but you also get the phone case with it, so even better!!

I will definitely be recommending the Smartdoo Dry Bag to my family and friends!! 

***I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I myself have tested this product and the opinions in my review are my own based off of my experience with the product. In no way has my receiving this product for free or at a discount effected my review of this product ***


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