Monday, April 4, 2016

WiWi Nail & Spa - Service Review!

I got my nails filled today and I just HAD to review the service and finished product because I am in love with them! I went with my mother to WiWi Nail & Spa by accident and now I will not be going anywhere else to get my nails done from now on! 

I used to go to Davi Nails in the Walmart in town and THOUGHT they were doing a good job until last week when I was looking at my nails and noticed a few things...

  1. Almost each nail was a slightly different shape
  2. Each nail had what I can only describe as a bump atop each nail
  3. Each nail was super super thick
  4. It had only been two weeks and 2 nails had popped off (and during winter especially, I'm not too rough on my nails

So I thought to myself, when my mom and I get our nails filled next time, I will give Davi Nails one more chance before I think of looking somewhere else to get my nails done. I came to this conclusion because at first I was thinking of not getting my nails done anymore because if this is what good nails look like, I don't like them anymore.

Anyway,we went to Walmart and Davi Nails was still not open by 11:20 am and they were supposed to open at 11am. The other customers waiting said they do this a lot; not honoring their business hours. 

How can a business run this way successfully? 

We went to the mall to see if there wasn't a nail salon there and it had closed but someone referred WiWi Nail & Spa to us! 

OMG, we LOVED this place!

We went and I asked if they could fix my nails to look more real etc...I sat down and the guy who did my nails did such a wonderful job that both my mother and I will only be going there from now on! The decor in the place was simple yet calming. There were more than plenty stations to accommodate a large amount of customers and let me tell you they were pretty busy too! They had a different section of the building for massages and other services! They were friendly and efficient! I sat down and was offered a bottle of water while our nails were prettied up and a wonderful massage while my nails dried!

They offer all kinds of services too! Several different massages, acrylic, gel, and several other kinds of nails! Manicures and pedicures (in super nice massage chairs)! They have facials, waxing, and eyelashes! Honestly,They may have more services but this is what I could remember while I was in there for about an hour. I thought the time in there wasn't too long either either!

Another cool thing I liked was that next to the pedicure stations (I think they had ten chairs and when we were there eight of them were filled) they have this box thing that sterilizes all the metal tools used for manicures and pedicures!

The only thing I wasn't a fan of was in the sterilization box, they had the sponges and pumice sponges in there and I thought that was super gross. In my mind that's just going to breed bacteria in the sponges. Granted they were separated within the box from the metal tools but when I do get a pedicure there, I'll bring my own pumice for my own minds settlement, lol.

The prices for their services are awesome and very competitive! For a fill, we paid $15 each! 

All in all I am a HUGE FAN of WiWi Nail & Spa and I cannot wait to go back in two weeks and I highly recommend them to anyone wanting quality nails/etc in a kind and friendly environment for a fantastic price!

Don't forget to tip if you love them too!

If you live in or around the area, I highly recommend you give these guys a call and make an appointment (not required) and then check out their Facebook page and leave a review if you've experienced them!

Do you have some pretty nails? I'd love to see everyone's nails, so feel free to post your pictures in the comments! 


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