Sunday, April 10, 2016

Youphoria Outdoors Lightweight Hammock w/ Tree Straps



I was super excited to get my new hammock in! I literally checked the tracking status several times a day, lol! All this excitement wasn't for nothing too, because this hammock is awesome! I loved it so much, I'm thinking of getting another one for my nephew for when he comes hammock camping with my husband, Robert, and I!

This hammock (which I got in yellow) is very lightweight! Somewhere around a pound in weight, this hammock is great for lightweight backpacking. It won't weigh you down and would fit easily into a pack, leaving room for other essentials you'll need on your hike! The straps are also lightweight and the stitching in them are consistent and makes for a super durable, non stretch tree strap,adding to the durability to the whole set up. The carabiners, you would think wouldn't do well under weight because of the weight of them...feather light for real, but I was paying close attention to them and they held up like aces!

The parachute material used to make the hammock is also very durable and lightweight. I know this because at first I set it up a little too close to the ground where a thick stick rubbed on it when I was in and it didn't cause any damage at all which I feel (for durability) is important because you never know right?


Suspended in the air, with the walls of the hammock cocooning me, the Youphoria Outdoors hammock is extremely comfortable. I tried side lying and laying on my back and I LOVED it! 

I would have stayed out longer in it but the weather was cold and I didn't have the proper gear with me to keep me warm. (I live in the Catskills in upstate NY and there is still snow on the ground...grrr). I felt safe and not exposed to the elements and animals (I thought I would). The bag that the whole hammock is stored into is sewn right into the outside and is useful for your flashlight or any other small items you may need to keep close at hand! Maybe some bear pepper spray or your keys or something!


Put it this way...IT COULDN'T BE EASIER TO SET UP!

Imagine hiking for several miles and you're tired, sweaty, thirsty and you just want to relax for a few before you fully set up camp...Well with this hammock you're halfway there in 3 minutes flat...maybe even sooner! First time setting this hammock up it took under 90 seconds and packing it back up took about the same time...and yes, that's including stuffing it back into the bag it originally came in! After figuring out the best height for me it was up in a snap and I was chilling in no time! Packing it all back up is just as quick!


Honestly, I am in LOVE with the hammock. Even with my five star, glowing reviews, I try and find SOME kind of con to the product I'm reviewing, but it was hard with this purchase! 

On it claims to hold two people (or one) with a weight of 400lbs. The weight limit holds true but the double part, I'm not so sure. While sleeping in this hammock is the most comfortable Iv'e ever been sleeping outdoors but I don't think it would be comfortable with two occupants. I imagine with two people, you'd be smooshed together and be really awkward. Just my opinion though. Also, I wish I was able to cram the tree straps into the main bag for keeping the hammock but there wasn't room. I was just trying to cut out another piece of gear to carry separately and get rid of the bag holding the straps all together. 


At the time of purchasing the Youphoria Outdoors hammock, Amazon is offering it for $49.99 and I feel this is a fair and fantastic price! Quality is top notch and the shipping was FREE and on time!

So would I purchase this hammock again? Absolutely! I am already thinking of getting my nephew one for when he camps with us! I love this hammock and would recommend it to anyone wanting to go lightweight, wants easy set up/take down and looking for a great deal! 

***I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I myself have tested this product and the opinions in my review are my own based off of my experience with the product. In no way has my receiving this product for free or at a discount effected my review of this product ***


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