Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lamoo Single Camping Ultralight Camping Hammock w/ Tree Ropes & Carabiners


So, honestly, I have some mixed feelings about this purchase. 

The hammock is very lightweight; way lighter than my Youphoria Outdoors hammock (check out my review HERE) actually. Even though it is extremely light, I cannot really complain about the quality of the actual hammock. I chilled in it all day for a couple days (soooo relaxing) and it did hold up. I do however, fear that, for the long haul, it will not last. I feel this way because when I was in it (and then my husband when he wanted to try it out) it would occasionally creak or sound like just a tiny little rip...but I couldn't find anything. So I guess time will tell. I will update my review if I feel, over time, the quality is not what it seems. The color is nice (I got grey/red). It is comfortable for the most part...it's just a little small for my preferences. However it IS single person hammock where the Youphoria Outdoors hammock is a double (but oh my so much roomier)! So the hammock itself is pretty sound...

...it's the darn tree ropes....

I hate them. I truly cannot for the life of me figure out why they are in the unit. Some people have aid they stretch but i haven't seen that so far. I don't like them because the ropes slide a little when you set it up and when you get into it. At least until they catch on the tree. I would definitely recommend (if you don't replace ropes for better tree straps) to loop the ropes over branches to stop them sliding down the tree when your in or out of it. If not, you may end up with your bum scraping the ground. Not for sure...but maybe. I myself love the tree straps from the Youphoria Outdoors hammock, so I'll be getting me a a couple of those for this hammock!

While this hammock was comfortable while laying down, it was NOT comfortable while sitting up. I can't even quite explain why except maybe it was because the material felt like it was cutting into under my knees and just above my neck. 

I WILL say that it kept me nice and cool. The day was warm and yet when the breeze blew, it blew just enough into the hammock, that it kept me cool and comfortable.

Would I recommend this hammock to others? Yes I would but with an opinion. This hammock, I think would do fine short term...but one might want to invest in another one in the future and would DEFINITELY want to get some better tree straps!

***I received this product for free or at a discount for my honest and unbiased review. I myself have tested this product and the opinions in my review are my own based off of my experience with the product. In no way has my receiving this product for free or at a discount effected my review of this product *** 


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